Prayer Quilt Ministry

Every Thursday, our circle of quilters meets at 10 am for fellowship, to work on projects and learn from one another. If you’d like to learn how to quilt, this is an opportunity to learn, be in fellowship with others, and to create quilts that are filled with prayers by parishioners who stop and pray for the recipient and tie a bow on the quilt as they pray. These quilts are then given to people in our local communities who are in need.

Prayer Group – Sisters of Ruth

Sisters of Ruth is a prayer ministry with a twist! They meet twice a year – in May and November – for a covered dish dinner. Between meetings, monthly cards are sent to one another, but members do not know the identity of their “sister” until the next gathering. This is a wonderful way to give and receive spiritual support and to learn what it means to be a sister in Christ.

Remembering Our Promise to Serve

Engaging Our Youth

Unified to Serve

Remembering Our Family