Nursery Care and Youth Formation

Our nursery care and Sunday school is available for our youth in the classrooms next to the Parish Hall. If this is your first time, plan to arrive at 9:45am and walk through the double glass doors and walk to your right through the Parish Hall into the classroom area where Ms. Cindi, Ms. Meg,  Ms. Gloria, Ms. Deborah or Ms. Rebecca will be happy to greet you and your children.

We have four classes that run from September to the end of May or the beginning of June, depending on the Church calendar.

Nursery – up to 4 years of age
Primary – 4 year olds until 2nd grade
Intermediate – 3rd grade to 5th grade
Young Teen – 6 to 8th grade.

Children are also welcome to stay in church during services. Coloring books and crayons are available for young people in the Narthex. An usher will be happy to help.

As one of our mothers said, “What is exciting for children and youth at Holy Trinity is that they are respected as individuals who can contribute to the life and mission of the church.” Here at Holy Trinity children are free to ask questions and explore the meaning of God in their lives through Bible storytelling, baking, dancing, and singing to explore the meaning of God in their lives while making friends.

It is a Holy Trinity tradition for parents to bring their children from church school and receive Holy Communion together as a family. You are welcome to continue that tradition with us.

Diocesan Youth Activities

As part of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey located in Trenton, we participate in events and activities sponsored by the Diocesan Youth Ministry. More information about upcoming programs for Youth grades 6 to 12 is available here.

Shaping the Next Generation

Shaping the Current Generation

Wrestling with the Word

Our Women’s Community