EVERYONE is Welcome

Sunday 8am Eucharistic Rite 1 with sermon based on lectionary (scripture) readings for the day.

Sunday 10am Eucharistic Rite 2 with music and choir, and sermon. Nursery and Sunday School are available. Every third Sunday, we have a Children’s Service where young people of all ages participate in the worship service.

Saturday 5:30pm Eucharistic Rite 2 with Sermon.

Wednesday 9:30am is a simple mid-week Holy Eucharist Service.

Faith is inspired through worship, which is a corporate expression of our desire to be in intentional relationship with God. Episcopal worship, or liturgy, is participatory with members of the congregation singing hymns, saying prayers, and reading Biblical lessons from the Old and New Testaments, the Psalms, and the Gospels. It is also sacramental – we take communion and celebrate The Great Thanksgiving or Eucharist every week. In this way, we hope our worship services will stimulate your curiosity and soothe your heart.

Children Are Church!

You Won’t Go Hungry Here!

Make a Joyous Noise!

Bringing God to the World